Saturday, February 10, 2007

Toolkit #4

Mini toolkit update, mostly kid-vice instead of Weimar-vice (I didn't read any of the German sources today...):
  • A keg that pumps apple juice (or what happens when a keg that is supposed to pump apple juice actually pumps beer!)
  • Kids as mini-scientists: "Hey, come see what I discovered!"
  • Temper tantrums
  • The horror and anxiety of "Monkey in the middle"
  • Costumes that are too tight, that look shrunk in the wash (as if adults were actually wearing kids' clothing)
  • Cardboard boxes
I was hoping this entry would cure my insomnia. No dice.

Tomorrow (or rather, later today) is exciting though: while 1/3 of Stolen Chair will be in Long Island City seeing the Force trilogy, I'll be meeting with our Kathy (our resident Germanophile and loyal board member) and translating a few more passages from Ringelnatz's Kuttel Daddledu fairy tale (the German version is in the public domain and is online at Projekt Gutenberg).

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