Friday, February 02, 2007

Fava's coming (back) to town!!!

Last year we inaugurated Stolen Chair's education program with a Commedia dell'Arte Masterclass taught by the legendary Antonio Fava. We are pleased as Punch (not Judy) to announce that Maestro Fava will be returning to NYC February 24-25 to lead TWO masterclasses (Intro & Intermediate). Fifty lucky New Yorkers will get a special treat and get to see Fava perform a one-night-stand of his one-man-show (details on that coming this weekend!).

If you have ANY interest in theatre history, physical comedy, mask-work, improv, or ensemble performance, you cannot pass on this opportunity to work with the field's greatest living master.

The details are here. This year we will be capping enrollment so hurry up and reserve your space before it's too late!!!

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