Friday, March 21, 2008

The New News: March 17, 2008

So after months of blog & website silence, we've updated (check out the new header of our press bling on the homepage!) and e-blasted with lots of exciting news, summarized in ye ol' newsletter:
  • We formally announce the new play, The Accidental Patriot: The Lamentable Tragedy of the Pirate Desmond Connelly, Irish by Birth, English by Blood, and American by Inclination, the third installment of Stolen Chair's CineTheatre Tetralogy, an original 1930s-style swashbuckler (as Sophocles might have written it if he’d been under contract to Warner Brothers), set against the tumultuous backdrop of the American Revolution. This mash-up of Greek tragedy and Errol Flynn-era pirate films features both rapier duels and rapier wit as it satirizes heroism, patriotism, altruism, and all of the other flimsy –isms that move us to action.
  • We formally announce that tickets are on sale for aforementioned new play.
  • We formally announce the beginning of our first 2008 fundraising drive and kindly ask you all to make an online donation. If you could find it in your hearts/wallets to spare a few dollars for our fundraising cause we'd be especially appreciative--we're working with more zeros than we ever have before and it's taking all of our resources to turn that red into black!
  • We formally announce the airing of Stolen Chair's profile on WPS1 Art Radio, with Ian W. Hill donning his interviewer hat (and dishy baritone voice!). I talk about how the company was founded, discuss its unique collaborative process, cover all of our productions, previewing through the end of the 6th season, and even reveal the origin of Stolen Chair's name.
Kiran, Aviva, I are in Stolen Chair's Parisian "offices," stuffing ourselves with food and culture (in the next few days, you can read about our experiences with the former on my food blog: Three Little Truffle Pigs) and trying to put the finishing touches on the script for The Accidental Patriot.

The blog, quiet since our fundraising party in early February, will soon see a flurry of activity as I talk about the recently wrapped development process for The Accidental Patriot, preview the upcoming rehearsal process, and interview some of the artists who have been drinking the same Kool Aid we've been guzzling.

Stay tuned! And donate now! Oh, and we just launched a new Stolen Chair opportunities listserve for actors, designers, technicians, interns etc. If you're interested in that or our regular ol' newsletter, just click here.