Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Special blog-reader discount

Use coupon code "BLOG" when you order on SmartTix for $5 off adult admission to Fava's February 24th performance, Pulcinella's War.

Legendary Commedia dell’Arte performer, maestro, and maskmaker, Antonio Fava presents his signature show, performing lazzi from the life, death, and resurrection of Pulcinella, the stock character he inherited from his father and one of comedy’s most beloved scoundrels.

The following is an excerpt from Maestro Fava's press release:

War, unfortunately, is a timeless and universal situation experienced by all cultures and peoples-- it is also a classic situation for the Commedia dell’Arte. Pulcinella’s War, by Antonio Fava, features Pulcinella and ZazzĂ : two masks, of the oldest and longest lasting comic theatrical tradition still on the boards - the Commedia dell’Arte, with almost five centuries of uninterrupted history.

Pulcinella’s War tells the comic story of Pulcinella who goes to war not for glory or honor but to solve his problem of love. To Pulcinella, war appears as a refuge, a solution, a form of intentional, planned suicide. The audience follows Pulcinella’s exploits and his relationship with ZazzĂ , the woman who is his match.

Fava gained a passion for Commedia dell'Arte through his father, a famous Pulcinella in Scandale, Calabria, Italy. From this, he would go on to become the world's leading teacher and director in the Rennaisance art-form so few know about or even understand. In 1980, he created the International School for Comic Acting in Reggio Emilia, Italy for the purpose of teaching and training performers from around the world in Commedia, Masks, Mask-making, Opera Regia, Tragedy and the original variety show.

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