Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh sad forsaken blog!

I guess that with the launch of our Community Supported Theatre, keeping up on Twitter, and developing a new play (Quantum Poetics, workshopping at the Connelly Theater mid-June), and posting on the ERPA blog, this blog has lost what little lovin' I once gave to it.

I will come back.

I promise.

How 'bout Tuesday? It's a date! I'll debrief with y'all about Sunday's semi-staged reading of Quantum Poetics...

In the meantime, some news, hot off the presses:

Stolen Chair has a profile in this month's American Theater mag. You can read it online (they call us "scrappy." How cool is that?) but you should really go out and buy the issue as it's darn good. Thanks to Eliza Bent and the fine folks at American Theater for making this happen.