Thursday, December 28, 2006's a secret

Word on the street is you can access the Kill Me Like You Mean It podcast directly, here on the blog, before it's posted on Itunes or on

Yeah, who told you that?

I can't say, but let's just say this person told me that I could click here and be treated to the mellifluous voices of none other that Alexia Vernon, Emily Otto, and Jon Stancato as they discuss their work on Kill Me.

Somebody's been putting ideas in your head...there's no podcast here!

That's funny. Real funny. Let's just say I know someone who knows someone who knows Cameron J. Oro and knows that Cameron and Alexia also performed a scene from Kill Me live on the podcast which I have been told can be downloaded here.

Are you looking for trouble?

I'm looking for a podcast! I'm not going to wait around until Stancato gets around to posting it on the website or in an eblast. I need it now. So...are you going to show me where I can download this podcast or am I going to have to go ask Martin and Rochelle Denton myself?

Fine, you can download it here. Don't tell anyone.

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