Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lots O' Updates

Coming (very) soon from The Stolen Chair Theatre Co:
  • The launch of Sure, the domain has been registered for months, but it has just been redirecting to Stolen Chair's Kill Me Like You Mean It page. Aviva Meyer has designed a gorgeous site (our first show-specific site) based on the gorgeous postcard (see right) she also designed for the production. Everything should be up and ready to go by Tuesday, though if you're on our mailing list, you'll get the official notification.
  • Press photos. They look good. And, thanks in part to David Anthony's kind help during the Stage Kiss photo shoot, we actually had a very clear idea of how to take some print-worthy shots--directing a play (even the physically and visually detailed work Stolen Chair creates) and directing a photo shoot are actually vastly different skill sets and I sadly have zero ability in the latter department...luckily we had just enough cooks in the kitchen to make it all work! Pix will be posted on and on tomorrow.
  • Three, count 'em, three podcasts at
    • Aviva Meyer (Stolen Chair's Managing Director) in a roundtable discussion about audience outreach and marketing in the indie theatre world. It will be posted later tonight or tomorrow (or the next day, depending on how busy things get over at headquarters)
    • Jon Stancato (Stolen Chair's Co-Artistic Director), Emily Otto (Stolen Chair's Dramaturg and Composer), and Alexia Vernon (Performer & Stolen Chair's Director of Education) chatting about Kill Me Like You Mean It. It's recording next Friday (12/15) so it will probably broadcast sometime around just before Christmas.
    • Kiran Rikhye (Stolen Chair's Resident Playwright) will be discussing The Man Who Laughs in a Playing with Canons panel discussion with Rob Reese (Artistic Director of Amnesia Wars and adapter of Frankenstein) and John Clancy (Obie Award-winning director and writer of Fatboy--truly excellent; one of Stolen Chair's all-time favorite NYC productions). This is recording next weekend and should be posted just before the New Year.

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