Friday, December 15, 2006

Invasion of the Podpeople: More NYtheatrecasting

If you haven't heard enough from Stolen Chair, subscribe to the NYtheatrecast on Itunes to get our voices delivered straight to your desktop. Episode #74 is all about Kill Me Like You Mean It, featuring the production's director (me), composer/dramaturg Emily Otto, and actor/creator Alexia Vernon. I think the conversation, moderated by Martin Denton, will be interesting to Stolen Chair and/or noir devotees, as well as those new to our work and/or film noir.

As a special bonus feature, Cameron J. Oro and Alexia perform one of the first scenes from the play and hot damn was it exciting to just hear Kiran's text spoken--I think quite a bit of it actually flies as a radio play and I was thrilled to hear it sound like someone threw an Adventures of Philip Marlowe transcript (you can download a few of the old radio programs for free here) in a blender with Ionesco's Bald Soprano.

The broadcast will be available beginning December 27. (I'm a little worried about the photo that will accompany it as Martin had to retake it to make me look less "distorted"...hmmm.)

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