Monday, August 06, 2007

Final Commedia Round-up: Photos and Press

The DVD's coming out soon, but in the are all of the reviews and the photo highlights:

"...the result of putting genres into an aesthetic supercollider and pressing the trigger...supple, smart...daring."

-Leonard Jacobs
...more @ The Clyde Fitch Report

"[I]t's important that this newly written old-school hit be recognized. That rape could be funny, not tragic, who knew? The producers and writers of Stolen Chair, that's who. With swagger and grace and a man who's ribald, the show woos us and flatters us, we're never appalled...[T]his show's a must see...The only sad part about Commedia Dell' Artemisia is that it's condensed to stay under an hour."

-Aaron Riccio
...more @ PBS' New Theater Corps

"Kiran Rikhye's script is clever...witty...and gives the audience rich food for thought. Cameron J. Oro...has an amazingly commanding voice and precisely the light quality of movement needed for such demanding work. David a true virtuoso...The company is clearly on the right path."

-Ishah Janssen-Faith
...more @

Photos ©2007 Joseph Belschner & Aviva Meyer

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