Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Clyde Fitch Report on Commedia

"...the result of putting genres into an aesthetic supercollider and pressing the trigger...supple, smart...daring."
Read the rest of what Leonard Jacobs has to say about the show on the Clyde Fitch Report.

All of us at Stolen Chair thank Leonard for giving us a great soundbite to describe what it is exactly we do: "Just as contemporary subatomic physics is all about what happens when you smash protons, neutrons, neutrinos and all kinds of indescribably small objects in order to simply find out what makes them tick, Stolen Chair will take genres you don't necessarily think of as inextricably wedded...and link them up, smashing them together to see what, if anything, happens, and what we can learn about what makes each of those genres/styles/elements/aesthetics tick."

So, if you didn't get a chance to see what an assortment of critics called an "exquisite," "dizzying," "supple, smart...[and] daring" "must see...old-school hit" which "gives the audience rich food for thought," now's the time to start crying because after 3 separate runs in 3 separate theatres in the months of June and July, the show is going to take a little rest...

...but we hope we'll be back rhyming and raping by the winter as we try to put together a college tour for spring semester 2008! If anyone has any leads on how to go about doing this or would like to book the show (and accompanying Commedia workshop) for their school or performing arts center, please contact me.

I imagine we won't be posting much on the show until then (except a li'l slideshow when the last round of pictures comes in and, perhaps, a YouTube clip once the DVD is mastered), as we'll now be turning our full attention to Kinderspiel.

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