Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A live silent for the stage...on film?

Martin Denton invited Stolen Chair to prepare a reading of The Man Who Laughs for the upcoming Playing with Canons reading/booksigning event on January 23. Problem is, the production was a live silent film for the stage, and the performance text itself amounts to 90 minutes worth of stage directions, silently mouthed text, and projected intertitles. While this isn't to say Kiran's script doesn't make a fascinating read (because it does, so go buy your copy now!!!), it does pose some challenges when one is staging a reading of the text. Further complications arose when we searched through the text and could not find a single scene that was not somehow dependent on a set piece, costume piece, or musical cue.

So, depending on your point of view, we settled on what is either an example of brilliant outside-the-box thinking or a total cop-out: we're screening 2 scenes from the DVD. I really do think that is the best way for the audience to get a glimpse at the way the productions 4 texts (stage directions, mouthed text, intertitles, and music) all interact...

Are we cowards or pioneers? You decide. Come to the event and let us know :).

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