Wednesday, January 10, 2007

1st review's in...

"[I]ntriguing...[Kiran] Rikhye, with director Jon Stancato, reveals the parallels between the two seemingly incongruous genres. The script is awash in clipped, often repetitive dialogue that sounds simultaneously like something out of a classic noir B-movie and an absurdist classic. Stancato, in order to replicate the steep camera angles of noir films, sometimes has the actors posture or sit in ways that evoke absurdist performance styles...It’s a tribute to Rikhye’s mystery writing that ultimately we become fascinated by this whodunit...Under Stancato’s shrewd direction, the actors ably perform in noir and absurdist a play that generally amuses even as it challenges perceptions..."
-Andy Propst, Backstage (Read more here)

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