Friday, May 16, 2008

Our first film review :)

Nathaniel R. of FilmExperience (a really wonderful film blog!) had this to say:
If you're a movie nut but hanker regularly for live theater only to lament your lack of a Broadway budget --I'm describing myself but surely some of you, too-- I've got a fun suggestion for a night out...It's experimental theater but not self-serious and...I had a lot of fun watching it...The play was self aware enough to point out the awkward and in so doing, make it comedically entertaining...handled with go-for-broke humor and pre-method acting aplomb. I'd recommended this to any of you seeking a different sort of entertainment adventure this weekend...I'm going to be keeping an eye on this theater company from now on.
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And the clever fellow managed to catch the allusions in our press photos. Check this out:


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Larry said...

I want to say that I had a good time the other night seeing the show. It was funny, engaging, exciting.

Also: I want to thank you all, especially Emily Otto, for producing my short play Dar and Matey for your alls Pirates, Patriots, and Patricides nights.