Friday, December 14, 2007

Noir in the News...

Kudos to Brooks Reeves and State of Play Theatre for their recent write up in the Times on The City That Cried Wolf. We interviewed Brooks here on the blog almost a year ago in the lead up to our absurdist film noir for the stage, Kill Me Like You Mean It. You can read that interview here or you can find out about the third installment of our CineTheatre Tetralogy (4 years, 4 productions, 4 classic film styles adapted for the stage), a 1930s swashbuckler as Sophocles might have written it. We go into retreat to begin creating the work in...whoah, in 13 minutes! And while we're retreating, go see City..., it's quite a lot of fun, or at least was in FringeNYC two summers ago!

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